In this astrology the character Ch'ien (dry) represents pure Yang or masculinity

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In this astrology the character K'un (moist) represents pure Yin or feminity
The Yin Yang Horoscope - a suggestive branch of Chinese astrology
The Yin Yang Horoscope: an accessible Chinese astrology

A personal horoscope derived from the ancient I Ching oracle. Combining the simplicity of solar sign astrology with a sometimes rather disturbing directness makes the Yin Yang Horoscope a branch of Chinese astrology both entertaining and capable of suggestive predictions. The horoscope forecast is symbolic and open to interpretation on multiple levels. Also, it gives us tools to do some creative thinking ourselves.

How is it all possible? It is because this Chinese horoscope has already boiled down the sometimes-contradictory messages appearing in the heavens, so that its mere eight building blocks do themselves represent a first stage of astrological interpretation.

Known as the Pa Kua or the eight signs (often called trigrams in the West), these building blocks each consists of a unique blend of the masculine Yang and feminine Yin forces. The birth date is represented by two trigrams combined, the so-called hexagram or horoscope. It all looks very simple and yet the Yin Yang Horoscope borders on the profounder side of astrology.


Calculate a yearly omen.

A peek into the original printed book; 60+ pages of convoluted calculation rules conveniently translated into an easy-to-use online calculator.

Wu Hsing - the five agents of change - a well-known facet of Chinese astrology and medicine also shows up in the Yin Yang Horoscope.

But this Chinese horoscope differs from the traditional astrological system in that the elements are translated to numeric values which in turn produce a horoscope showing the Yin Yang force pattern said to rule the moment of birth.

This astrology borders on the philosophical, and in the small entry below, "Chu Hsi on material force," you can dip your toes in a preliminary discussion regarding the "stuff" a birth omen tries to depict.

Chinese ritual vessel

The bronze Ting (sacrificial vessel), reserved for the aristocracy in ancient China, symbolized the firm control over one's Destiny. It also serves as a good illustration of the purpose of Chinese astrology.
The Yin Yang Horoscope does not serve up fate as an unalterable, frozen image. Rather, it allows you to take a renewed look at the dominant forces in your life. Afterwards you may want to weed out a thing or two, or "stabilize" your Destiny in accordance with the predictions if they were to your liking!

Sundry notes on this Chinese astrology:

Spot the Gestalt: The Fritzl case.

The exceptional and sad case of a father's kidnapping and sexually abusing his own daughter for 24 years seems destined to become a staple of abnormal psychology.

This article reviews the birth symbols taking turns during the day of Josef Fritzl's birth and that of his daughter Elisabeth, and comments upon the most suspicious-looking omens.

Will one or more Chinese signs predict the tragedy that stunned the world during spring 2008?

Read the article.

Any Chinese horoscope varies in auspiciousness depending on the birth time... Read more

A Chinese horoscope cast for the site to discover what it is up to... Or: Some hints on interpreting a Yin Yang Horoscope symbolic judgment. Read more...)

The T'ai Chi T'u symbol (Diagram of the Supreme Pole) surrounded by the eight basic building blocks (Pa Kua, or, the eight signs) of this medieval system for erecting personal horoscopes and making astrological forecasts.

horoscope c.1050, horoscopus, from L.; the modern form is considered to be a 16c. reborrowing from M.Fr. horoscope, from L. horoscopus, from Gk. horoskopos "nativity, horoscope," also "one who casts a horoscope," from hora "hour" (see year ) + skopos "watching," in reference to the hour of one's birth.

Yin Yang Horoscope really is a bit of a misnomer, but chances are you would not have found the site had the Chinese name been retained - HO LO LI SHU (The Ho and Lo rivers' rational numbers)!

The title of the only book in English presenting the method, "The Astrology of I Ching," is even worse - this system is not strictly based on the stars (Greek for star: astron).

Semantics aside, besides being a birth omen, this type of horoscope also offers one a "peak at the moment" in the form of individual year prognoses.

Here are the simple rules for manually producing forecasts for individual years out of the birth symbol.

The original 1976/1987 cover.


A Chinese horoscope - does it correspond to the person?

As a sample, here's one of the really famous persons from the site author's native Sweden: now deceased film director Ingmar Bergman who made a substantial name for himself internationally. Known for his angst ridden films, he often dealt with topics such as death, the problem of guilt and existence itself.

Bergman was of course very interested in human psychology and its darker recesses. In his native country, there were mocking references to "my inner demons," echoing the auteur himself. He certainly seems to have had a very nervous streak, like hyper observant and artistic personalities often have. He was also known for being attracted to lovely ladies and his resume shows a succession of marriages to beautiful and artistic women.

Would such a hypersensitive and composite character in a convincing way be reflected by the birth symbol? Well it better, because else there is not much to this system!


What of the domain name? Hall of Man connotes a museum of natural history exhibiting the outer signs of Man's cultural activities while on Earth.

Likewise, in addition to the Chinese method of ascribing meaning to the flow of time, this site may include additional topics as its author sees fit. So, thrown in for no particular reason, here are some worthwhile books. Most have some bearing on the subject of Man.

The article on the Fritzl sex abuse case mentions that most of the western world uses a corrupt zodiac. There is some good information on the actually working sidereal astrology on the web, but I'd particularly like to point out the introduction by Shepherd Simpson.

Here you'll find no attempt to gloss over the bad choice the West made 1,800 years ago when attaching the spring equinox to 0° Aries, although the zodiac constantly slides backwards (due to a certain erratic wobbling on the part of the earth). The zodiac is now off by some 24 degrees!

A Major Caveat!

Although this method with its simple way of combining eight building blocks into more complex figures in theory seems easily understood, it is of limited use to anyone not previously acquainted with the Chinese oracle I Ching (or Jijing, depending on method of transliteration).

To be honest, the symbols just won't say very much. A beginner will have great difficulties applying the Gestalt of the symbol to his or her life; we are often all but oblivious to the "bubble" we live within.

This site won't chew any spiritual food for you but it does provide a convenient calculator to quickly establish your personal symbol(s). But you must unlock the secret to your soul's mission in life by yourself.

Just one example; a user comment showing how seriously wrong you may wind up if lacking any preliminary grasp of the Chinese philosophy behind this system: "Ouch, the calculator on the site told me I was 'earth'! I don't want to be a pile of dirt."

Of course you're not! And that's why the particular symbol referred to is more often rendered as "The Receptive One" than "earth," stressing anything but a lifeless and unresponsive heap of dirt. Of course, with lackadaisical enough an approach, one may certainly prove oneself there are pretty bleak aspects to each and every one of these 64 birth symbols!

True, the symbol of responsiveness (which is allowed more "time slots" than any other in this system) has a very definite coupling with the world of the senses. But we are talking about a living person here, not dead matter in the sense of the materialistic West that began with Descartes (if not earlier) and his splitting reality into Mind (humans) and that res extensa - dead Matter.

Also, until one stops blurring one's vision by contaminating this system with perceived resemblances to e.g. the western astrological Four Elements, one will never reach the depth and the dynamics of the Chinese symbols themselves. Look for similar ideas, not point-to-point correspondences. Wind in China is not the same as the western element Air!

The symbols are dynamic. The keyword is "process." For as square and uncommunicative this set of hexagrams may at first seem, they are waiting for you to catch up.

First study the I Ching diligently for a couple of years, and then this astrological spin off may spring to life before you. It took this author more than 20 years to start seeing the vibrant inner life hidden within each of the 64 symbols, but then he might be a bit on the slow side...

Is there a problem with the site calculator?

A self-styled I Ching expert living in the Netherlands seems to think so. I therefore publish the two key pages from the original book so that those inclined to technicalities can decide for themselves whether the calculator embodies a correct implementation of principles given in the one English translation of this method published.
Read more.

Calculate a Yin Yang Horoscope

Calculate your Yin Yang pattern for the moment of birth! By first reviewing the information scattered throughout these pages, you may come to a preliminary understanding of what this ancient and very strange form of symbolic astrology tries to say about your birth moment, seen as a seed planted that contains a potential theme for your life. This thematic "life thread" will tend to repeat both in small and large matters until you become aware of it.

Using Peking (Beijing) as it's starting point, this astrology only applies to birth places north of the Equator. However, a visitor from "down under" has mentioned the system does appear to work also for southern latitudes.

Checking out the late singer Freddie Mercury (a birth in the southern hemisphere), I am inclined to agree. He turned out to be one of the highly visible Kuans - the objectified people (or "Large scale manifester"). What a striking depiction this is! The ancient "judgment text" even outlines a type of stage personality. Only, this time it was a high priest of Hedonism...

In sum, this is not the average Chinese horoscope with various qualities stuffed into an animal. The Yin Yang Horoscope draws from a range of images then used metaphorically.

Occasionally though, an animal does show up to lend its flavor. The leopard is among them, found only in the rarely seen sign of "the Revolutionary".

Go beyond the horoscope for the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon and Snake. With the Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig / Boar, these represent the beginner's horoscope. The Yin Yang method means progressing to an existential astrology, drawing up life in a series of trends, each with their individual portents.


In this astrology the character Ch'ien (dry) represents pure Yang or masculinity

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In this astrology the character K'un (moist) represents pure Yin or feminity